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Yale Window Hinge Friction Stay

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Yale Window Hinge Friction Stay Pair of hinges

These hinges are made by Yale, an industry leader in window and door hardware, with that in mind you can be confident of its quality and high performance.

Common Hinge Problems

  • Gaps around the window
  • Movement on the hinge side of the window
  • Draughts or cold around the area of the window
  • Clunky operation of the window
  • Difficulty opening and closing

Measuring The Hinge

Working out what hinge you need can be quite daunting. However, it's quite simple and here's a little guide to help you.

  • A. First you need to work out what hang type you need. On the diagram this is marked as A
  • B. Now you need to find out how long your hinge is. This is marked as B
  • C. The width of these hinges is 18mm
  • D. This is the stack height, which can be either 13mm or 17mm. (See universal way below)

A full technical diagram is included in the image gallery.

Stack Height Cap - Universal Hinge Cap

In addition to the above measuring guide we have devised a way to make the measuring more easy for you.
If you are unable to measure the stack height of the hinge then you can purchase some Stack Height Caps.
The caps simply clip on to the hinge and convert the hinge from a 13mm stack to a 17mm stack. Simple purchase a 13mm stack height hinge and the Stack Height Caps from the drop down boxes above.
When you come to change your hinge and you notice it is actually a 17mm stack hinge, simply add the caps to the hinge and install the hinge as normal.