Product Identification

At GB DIY Store we like to make things simple for you. We offer a product identification service where you can send us information and photos of what you’re looking for and we can assist you in finding the perfect replacement.


We can identify any uPVC window and door product so don’t hesitate to contact us!


To send us this information you can contact us through any of the below three methods.

  • Live Chat - You can speak to one of our team on live chat. Just click the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Contact form - Allows you to leave a brief message and one of our team will get back to you.
  • Email - You can email us details including photos to

 What Information should I provide?

The more information we have the better! Here are some guidelines of what to provide for certain products.


  • Door Lock Gearboxes - A photo is all we need for these products. If you can send us a photo similar to how we do on our website then that’ll make our lives nice and easy.
  • Door Handles - A photo of the inside door handle and two key measurements. The distance between the two fixing screws and the distance between the handle lever to the centre of the euro cylinder. 
  • Gasket Seal - A photo is all we need to identify your gasket seal. It needs to be a photo of the cross sectional area, the end of the gasket so we can see the shape of it clearly.
  • Window Handles - This one can be a two step process sometimes but we like to start with a photo of the window handle you’re looking to replace. We may ask for additional measurements depending on the handle.