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​Condensation On Windows - How to Fix It

Condensation on windows is an unfortunate side effect of winter weather. It's something that causes problems for almost everyone and not just on our home windows either. You will find condensation on…

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How to Replace Rubber Seal on Upvc Windows

How to Replace Rubber Seal on Upvc Windows In this blog we're going to learn how to replace rubber seal on uPVC windows. The first thing you need to know is what type of gasket is currently instal…

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How to Measure Upvc Door Handles

Measuring uPVC door handles is quite straight forward and it's essential you get it right to ensure your new door handle will fit perfectly. There are two key measurements you need to get right when m…

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How to Identify Upvc Window Handles

Upvc window handles are easy to identify. We're going to go through the most common window handles you might find on your windows so you can easily identify and replace them.Espagnolette (Espag) Win…

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How to Replace a Upvc Espag Window Handle

Replacing a uPVC espag window handle is very easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. Before we begin lets start with a list of tools you’re going to need.What tools do I need to replace a uPV…

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