Postal Delays - Royal Mail Strike

Please see below the most recent information regarding Royal Mail strikes and the delays this may cause.Upcoming Strike DaysFriday 9th DecemberSunday 11th DecemberWednesday 14th DecemberThursday 15th DecemberFriday 23rd DecemberSaturday 24th DecemberDelays No items of post will be collected or delivered on the above strike days. Please be aware that the strikes will also cause a backlog of post which will add further delays onto parcels in addition to the strike days mentioned above.Please …
30th Aug 2022 Nathan

How To Measure a Cockspur Window Handle

Cockspur window handles are usually found on older upvc, timber and aluminium windows. They work by having a spur on the side of the window handle lock over the edge of the window frame to secure the window.This brief and simple guide will teach you how to measure a upvc cockspur window handle in less than 60 seconds.How to measure a cockspur window handleThe main thing you need to measure on a cockspur window handle is the stack height. This is the distance between the underside of the spur to …
29th Jul 2022 Nathan

How to Measure a Window Handle

There are two types of window handles used on uPVC windows. The older type of window handle is known as a Cockspur window handle. More modern windows will use espag window handles. Cockspur window handles use a spur which locks over the edge of the window frame to secure the window. Espag window handles use a spindle which operates a window locking mechanism inside the window.In this guide you will find measuring information for both of these types of upvc window handle.How to measure an es …
29th Jul 2022 Nathan

How To Measure a Euro Cylinder Lock

Almost all doors in the UK will have a euro cylinder installed in them. Most households will need to replace one at some point so here is a small guide to teach you how to measure a euro cylinder door lock.How to measure my door lock euro cylinder?To measure your euro cylinder lock you simply need to measure from the centre screw hole to the outside edges. This will give you two sizes which makes up the size of your door lock. The two sizes should equal the overall length of the cylinder. A …
29th Jul 2022 Nathan
​Condensation On Windows - How to Fix It

​Condensation On Windows - How to Fix It

Condensation on windows is an unfortunate side effect of winter weather. It's something that causes problems for almost everyone and not just on our home windows either. You will find condensation on bathroom mirrors and even on your car windows when you're in a desperate rush first thing in the morning. In this blog post we're going to go through how this happens and what you can do to fix it. Let's dive right in.What causes condensation?So what causes condensation on windows? The simple answer …
22nd Oct 2021 Nathan