Trickle Vents

Trickle Vents

Looking for a way to reduce condensation on your windows? Need to ventilate your room without losing too much heat? You've come to the right place. 

GB DIY Store stocks a range of frame fixed window trickle vents which are designed to reduce condensation in and around your upvc windows.

How to Reduce Condensation on Windows

Condensation is caused when warm and damp air lands and sticks on to a cold surface. The glass units in your windows and doors are cold due to the cold weather outside. On the inside you turn up your heating which causes the air in your home to become warmer which contains and gathers moisture. When the warm damp air lands on your windows, it forms water droplets. I.e, condensation. Read and in depth guide about this here.

How to reduce condensation

You can reduce condensation easily by installing trickle slot vents. This is one of the most effective ways of allowing clean air to flow around your window. It will enable the warm damp air around your window to escape outside and prevent it from sticking to your window. Which will overall reduce the amount of condensation. 

How to Fit a Trickle Vent

Fitting a new trickle vent is easy. Here is a full guide on how to do it.

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    RW Simon Trickle Slot Vent for uPVC Windows

    RW Simon

    Our Price £3.99
    Premium Quality RW Simon Trickle Vents RW Simon Trickle vents are a great solution for condensation and moisture build-up which you may have in the area of your windows by drawing the moisture outside through the vent. They provide constant airflow...
    Our Price £3.99