Universal uPVC Door Latch Plate

  • Universal uPVC Door Latch Plate
  • Universal uPVC Door Latch Plate Right Hand
  • Universal uPVC Door Latch Plate Left Hand
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uPVC Door Latch Plate

Manufactured by Avocet Hardware to suit a wide range of multipoint locking mechanisms. This uPVC door latch plate is handed so please use the pictures provided to work out which you need.

UPVC Universal Latch Keep Features

  • Adjustable Latch
  • Very Universal

What hand do I need?

Working out what hand you need may seem confusing but it’s actually very simple using the following steps.

  • Place yourself on whichever side of the door opens towards you. If your door opens inwards stand on the inside if it opens outwards then stand on the outside.
  • From here simply see which side the hinges are situated and that is the handedness of your door. Stood in the position in step one, if your hinges are located on the right-hand side then your door is right-handed. Also, you will find that you use your right hand to open the door from this position as well.
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