Fullex 68PZ Door Handle 215mm

PZ Centres:
Backplate Fixing Centres:
  • Fullex 68PZ Door Handle 215mm All Colours
  • Fullex 68PZ Door Handle 215mm White
  • Fullex 68PZ Door Handle 215mm Technical Details
  • Fullex 68PZ Door Handle 215mm Chrome
  • Fullex 68PZ Door Handle 215mm Gold
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Fullex 68PZ Door Handle

This sprung door handle is fully reversible, the handle has a simple and contemporary design with some sculpted detail without being too elaborate or fussy.

The Fullex 68PZ Door handle levers are sprung, solving the problem of a sagging door handle not returning to the horizontal position when not in use.

Fullex 68pz Sprung Door Handle Pair 215mm Information

  • Universal handles - designed to work for both left and right hand
  • Sprung lever - solves the problem of a "saggy" handle
  • 68mm PZ
  • 215mm screw hole centres
  • Available finishes - White, Chrome and Gold


A full technical diagram is included in the image gallery.

Handle Measuring Guide

Measurement 1

There are only two measurements which are required to ensure full working operation of your new uPVC door handle. The first one being what is known as the PZ measurement. This measurement is the distance from the centre of the key hole the to centre of the handle lever or spindle hole. This is measurement B on the technical diagram.

Measurement 2

The second measurement is the distance between the two fixing points which are the screw holes on the uPVC door handles backplate. This is measurement F on the technical diagram.

If the above two measurements match up then the door handle will fit and operate perfectly. All other measurements on the door handle are mainly aesthetics and won't affect fitting or operation if they're different.

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