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Double Sided Glazing Foam Tape

  • Double Sided Glazing Foam Tape
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Double Sided Glazing Tape

This double-sided security glazing tape is designed to secure your externally beaded windows. It fits around the outer edge of the frame and the glass sits on to it, glueing it in place and stopping the glass from being removed from the outside. Most break-ins are through windows and without strong enough security glazing tape it will make it all the more easier for burglars to help themselves to the contents of your property.

Double-Sided Glazing Security Foam Tape 10mm Wide Information

  • 10mm wide
  • Varying thickness - 1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
  • Double sided
  • High intrusion resistance
  • High-density foam offering increased strength

How much is on a roll?

Depending on what thickness you purchase the amount on the roll can differ. Please find below the amount per roll for each thickness tape available.

  • 1mm = 50m
  • 2mm = 25m
  • 3mm = 20m
  • 4mm = 15m
  • 5mm = 12m
  • 6mm = 10m


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