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Cockspur Window Handle Wedge Striker Plate

  • Cockpsur Wedges
  • Cockpsur Wedges Technical Details
  • Cockpsur Wedges Technical Details
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Cockpsur Wedges

These cockspur wedges are designed to sit underneath your cockspur window handles to help pull your window shut and lock out cold and draughts. Replacing these for slightly thicker ones is a very good way to increase the quality of the seal your window creates when it's closed.

Cockspur Window Handle Wedge Striker Plates Information

  • Sold in single units
  • Increases compression to lock out cold
  • Easy to fit
  • UV Stable plastic material
  • Sizes: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm

Measuring & Fitting

  • Measuring your cockspur wedge is easy. Simply pop it off the window and measure the centre part of the wedge which is the thickest part
  • If you want to increase the compression of the window then add 1-2mm on to the size of your current wedge
  • If you wedge is missing then you can measure the wedge on another window
  • To fix them back into position you can use superglue if the pins do not secure it well enough
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