Yale uPVC Window Handle Cranked Offset

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Yale Quartus Universal Cranked Espag Window Handle

The Yale Quartus universal window handle is a elegant and stylish handle which boasts a high quality and ergonomic design. It is made by Yale, a leading manufacturer in window and door hardware. This handle is suitable for all window espag and shoot bolt mechanisms.

Yale Universal Cranked Espag Window Handle Information

  • Left or right handed
  • Secure handle (can not be flicked open)
  • 43mm screw hole centres
  • Child safe handle, requires button press
  • Comes with 2 fixing screws per handle
  • Comes with 1 key per handle
  • Comes with 1 screw cover cap per handle


  • Screw Hole Centres: 43mm
  • Spindle Length: 10, 15, 20, 30 & 40mm
  • Spindle Width: 7mm Square

Measuring your handle

Screw Hole Fixing Centres:

Most espag handles are made to industry standards with 43mm screw hole centres, therefore it really doesn't matter if you choose a style that's different to your existing handle, as long as the handle centres measure 43mm these handles will fit.


These handles are cranked which means they're handed (left or right). The handedness of a handle is simply judged by what hand you would use to operate it with.

Spindle Length:

Remove the two screws fixing the handle to the window and measure from the base of the handle to the tip of the spindle.

Spindle width:

Although almost all espag spindle widths measure 7mm square, its worth checking before ordering as some unusual 8mm variations have been known, although these are mostly on timber windows.

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