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Xpert 32mm Chisel Knife

This Xpert 32mm chisel is an exceptional tool. The polished chrome blade is robust and honed to a precision edge, the cushioned grip handle sits beautifully in the palm and is finished with a resilient steel cap for striking.

This rigid chisel knife is primarily used within the glazing trade to remove beads on UPVC, Aluminium and timber windows.

It can also be used as a hacking tool and for filling or for the finishing of putty. Once owned, the versatility of this chisel will become evident and you will be using it for many tasks around the home and in your workshop.

Chisel Knife Information

  • Blade width 32mm
  • Blade length 92mm
  • Steel capped handle
  • Stiff chisel blade
  • Cushioned grip
  • Polished Chrome blade


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