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What Is a Tilt and Turn Window

What Is a Tilt and Turn Window

Posted by Nathan on 19th Dec 2020

A tilt and turn window is a window which opens inwards. They offer you two ways to open the window. Firstly, it tilts opening from the top, allowing you to ventilate your room. Secondly, you can ‘turn’ the window whilst hinged from the side, giving you a large opening.

Are tilt and turn windows secure?

Tilt and turn windows offer fantastic security benefits due to the locking systems used. Unlike a traditional window, tilt and turn windows have points of locking on all four sides of the window. Where as a normal window will only have locking on one side. These additional locking points make tilt and turn windows very secure.

Can tilt and turn windows open outwards?

You can’t open tilt and turn windows outwards. This wouldn’t work because the tilt function would create a waterfall effect allowing water to just run straight in to your home.

How big can a tilt and turn window be?

Tilt and turn windows can be manufactured to quite a large size. However, the maximum size is usual restricted by the material used and the maximum weight the hinge mechanisms can handle. You should be able to get this information directly from the window manufacturer.

How do tilt and turn windows work?

Tilt and turn windows work off a single handle. When you turn the handle to the first position it engages the tilt function. This allows you to tilt the window inwards. Rotating the handle to the second position engages the turn function allowing your window to open from the side.

Hopefully this answers all your questions about tilt and turn windows. We also have a useful guide on how to replace a tilt and turn window handle.

As always if you need any more assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.