How to fix your uPVC door handle spring
How to Replace Your Door Handle Spring

How to fix your uPVC door handle spring

If you’ve noticed your uPVC door handle is sagging, drooping or just not sitting perfectly horizontal then it’s likely your door handle or door lock spring has broken.

On modern uPVC doors, the door handles will have spring cassettes built directly into the backplate. On older doors the spring is built inside the door locking mechanism.

The bad news is you can’t really fix these springs. The good news is we have a couple of solutions and some handy tips to help you fix the problem.

If your door handles don’t have built-in springs.

The chances are if you have sagging door handles you don’t have a door handle with built-in springs. This means the spring built into the door lock mechanism has worn out and unfortunately this isn’t something you can fix without replacing the entire door lock gearbox. Don’t be alarmed though because this has no effect on the reliability of your door lock and won’t reduce the security of your home.

The most cost-effective way to resolve this issue is to replace your uPVC door handle with a modern sprung loaded door handle. The handles will come with springs all built-in and resolve any problems you have with sagging or drooping uPVC door handles.

Replacing a door handle is easy but selecting the correct one can be quite daunting. We have an article that will guide you through measuring and purchasing a replacement door handle which you can view here.

Purchasing replacement spring cassettes.

If your uPVC door handle is relatively modern then it will likely have spring cassettes already built into the handle which may be broken. To check this you will need to remove your door handle by unscrewing the two screws visible on the internal handle. Once the two screws have been removed the handles should just slide away and out from the door.

The spring cassettes should be located over the spindle hole in the back of the door handle backplate. Remove these and refer to our website here for compatible spring cassettes for your door handle. Finding the exact replacement can be hard so please feel free to contact us for additional help

Why you should fix this problem quickly.

uPVC door handle springs aren’t just there to ensure your door looks aesthetically pleasing. They also work to remove some of the operating pressure applied to your door locking mechanism by the door handle. This means your door lock has less work to do and gives it a much longer lifespan.

No matter which one of these two solutions you go for, your problem with sagging and drooping uPVC door handles should now be fixed. Now your door will not only look better but it will last longer too.

As always, if you require any further assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

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