How to identify and measure your uPVC door handle

How to identify and measure your uPVC door handle

Measuring your uPVC door handle can be daunting and confusing, however, it’s a lot easier than you think. We will go through some very easy tips to set you on the path to replacing your uPVC door handle.

Tip 1 – There are only two measurements which are required to ensure full working operation of your new uPVC door handle. The first one being what is known as the PZ measurement. This measurement is the distance from the centre of the key hole the to centre of the handle lever or spindle hole. 

Please refer the measurement B in the diagram for further clarification.

how to measure a door handle

Tip 2 – The second measurement is the distance between the two fixing points which are the screw holes on the uPVC door handles back plate.

Now this measurement can vary quite a bit depending on where the fixings holes are situated. You always have a fixing hole at the bottom of the handle. The second fixing hole is either in the middle, just under the handle lever or at the top, above the handle lever.

Please refer to measurement F in the diagram for further clarification.

There are other measurements which you will find on door handle technical diagrams, however, these two measurements are the only ones required to ensure your replacement door handle fits and operates perfectly. All other measurements are there to outline the look and aesthetic of the uPVC door handle.

And that’s it! You’re now fully capable of measuring your uPVC door handle and selecting the correct replacement.

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On the left side of page, there are filterable options which make it very easy for you to find your door handle. Simply click on the measurements you require and the handle choices which do not match what you need will be removed, leaving only the ones which match your measurements.

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