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Timco Multipurpose Solo Woodscrews 200 Screws

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TIMco Multipurpose Solo Woodscrews
TIMco Multipurpose Solo Woodscrews Loose
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TIMco Multipurpose Solo Woodscrews (200 Screws)

An economic single thread woodscrew designed to be consistently reliable in various types of wood and man-made boards, or into masonry with the use of a plastic plug. The Solo range is an ideal fixing for today's tradesman when fixings into low density substrates. 

Noteworthy features include a 25° sharp point to minimise splitting, a  special thread design to maximise grip and lubrication to reduce friction.  Finally the countsink head is designed to reduce bruising or splitting of the timer.

The screw should perform efficiently in hardwood, chipboard, MDF, plastic and thin sheet metal.  Also worth noting that the screws from 20 mm up to 60 mm are fully threaded, screws of 70 mm and over are part threaded.


  • 200 Screws
  • Multipurpose - Can be used on various types of wood and man-made boards
  • Partially threaded from 80mm
  • Trade quality
  • Consistently reliable
  • Hardwood
  • Chipboard
  • MDF
  • Plastic
  • Thin sheet metal

Please note: Most screw sizes will come bagged to reduce postage costs and enable us to supply them at a better price. Where possible we will flat pack the box and include it inside the packaging. 

Bulk orders will be sent in the original boxes.


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