How to Replace a Upvc Window Handle
How to replace upvc window handle

How to Replace a Upvc Window Handle

Almost all homes in the UK have windows installed which use a uPVC window handle to operate them. That’s a lot of window handles which will eventually need replacing. You may need to replace your uPVC window handle because its worn, you’ve lost all the keys or it’s simply not working anymore.

In this article I will guide you through the steps and teach you how to replace a uPVC window handle.

What tools you will need to remove a uPVC window handle

The tools you will need to replace a uPVC window handle are really basic.

  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Utility knife
  • Philips screwdriver or Drill

Removing the Upvc window handle

First you will need to remove the handle from your window. Start by removing the screw cover cap to reveal the first screw. Next, turn the handle to 90 degrees and you will see the second screw which will also need to be removed. Now both screws have been removed from the window handle, it will pull away from the window.

Measuring a uPVC window handle

uPVC window handles are quite universal and you only need to measure the length of the spindle. The spindle is the square peg which protrudes from the bottom of the uPVC window handle. Simply measure what you can see sticking out from the bottom.

Installing a uPVC window handle

Installing a uPVC window handle is very much the reverse of removing one. You need to make sure that the window handle is in the same locked or unlocked position as the window. Slide the spindle of the uPVC window handle in to the spindle hole on the window and screw in both screws.

Its a good idea to test the handle before you install the screw cover caps, just in case you need to remove the handle again.

How to replace uPVC window handle video guide

Buying a new uPVC window handle

GB DIY Store has a full range of uPVC window handles to suit all windows. You can take a look at our full range here: New upvc window handles. If you need any assistance in measuring or buying a uPVC window handles then please let us know.

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